Custom Ranger American Flag Distressed


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Custom Ranger American Flag Distressed has been 3D UV Printed has been upgraded for a stronger spring system which can easily be detected by activating the switch and new body designed for better grip and handling. The locking mechanism has proved to have punching power by far the best of all OTF knives. The D2 blade has been improved in Hardening for the best Edge Retention and Sharpness.This knife is made for Everyday-Carry.

Show your patriotism any way you want. Battle flags and all. There are enemies of freedom living among us. Recluse and occulted, rarely leaving their communities, recruiting the soft minded, increasing in number, waiting for the time to strike. It is a flag you may have to fight for..

Total Length :


Blade Length :


Blade Material:


Handle :

Stainless Steel Zinc

Total Weight with blade :



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