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    Chef Knife | Black & Silver Resin Honeycomb

    A great knife means that you will consistently be able to control how smooth your slices are. It will build your confidence in the kitchen regardless of how complicated a dish may seem.For a professional or enthusiast amateur chef, their knife is an extension of themselves. 

    If you’re looking for the best culinary knives that will last a lifetime, have a look at our collection of knives. 

    You will find chef’s knives that are designed with a purpose in mind for specific cuts and applications, and multi-purpose culinary knives for versatile cooking. 


    These high carbon knives offer excellent strength and hardness. They are a reliable choice for every kitchen due its versatility from it’s length which will let you have longer cuts. The featured ‘Black & Silver Resin RAINDROP CHEF’S KNIFE’ 


  • 11" Blade
  • 5" Handle