• Skull Crusher2 OTF

    Introducing the Skull Crusher2 Spike Knuckle OTF, a powerful and versatile weapon designed for self-defense and tactical applications. Handle constructed of 6061 Lightweight Billet Aluminum. This remarkable knife combines the functionality of a double-edged D2 Steel blade with the added advantage of a knuckle buster, providing an unparalleled level of personal protection.

    With its lightning-fast OTF (Out The Front) mechanism, the Skull Crusher2 Spike Knuckle OTF ensures swift and effortless blade deployment in critical moments. The durable stainless steel blade boasts a double-edged design, offering versatile cutting options and a razor-sharp edge for optimal performance.

    • Dual-Functionality Design:
      • Knife and Knuckle Buster Combination
      • Provides a Powerful Punch and Cutting Edge
      • Ideal for Self-Defense and Tactical Applications
    • Rapid Blade Deployment:
      • OTF (Out The Front) Mechanism for Quick Action
      • Lightning-Fast Blade Deployment and Retraction
      • Allows for Swift Response in Critical Moments
    • Strong and Sharp Blade:
      • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
      • Double-Edged Blade for Versatile Cutting Options
      • Razor-Sharp Edge for Effortless Cutting Performance
    • Secure and Ergonomic Grip:
      • Spike Knuckle Design for Improved Grip and Control
      • Textured Handle for a Firm Hold
      • Enhances Stability and Handling during Intense Situations
    • Compact and Portable:
      • Sleek and Compact Design
      • Easy to Carry and Conceal
      • Always Ready for Quick Deployment
    • Self-Defense and Tactical Tool:
      • Reliable Companion for Personal Safety
      • Enhances Striking Power and Dexterity
      • Suitable for Emergency Situations and Close Combat